Impressions Area Conference Spring 2017

Here are some impressions of the Area I1 and I3 Conference 1st April 2017: International Speech and Evaluation competition in German and English. Our members Adeel and Edgar also participated in the competition.

2017-04-01 17.51.10 ja 2017-04-01 17.57.10 ja 2017-04-01 17.57.14 ja 2017-04-01 18.00.04 ja2017-04-01 18.07.28 ja 2017-04-01 18.07.32 ja 2017-04-01 18.09.32 ja 2017-04-01 18.13.11 ja

Congratulations to all participants and winners! The next level will be the Division Conference on 29 April in Nürnberg. For more information please see

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