Munich Toastmasters @ Königsplatz – Impressions

Yes, we did it! We had a fantastic and inspiring Toastmaster event at Königplatz. The weather was perfect and the tango background music challenged our voices. Here are some impressions of our outdoor event at Königsplatz:

img_0182 img_0183 img_0184img_0187 img_0206 img_0217 img_0231 img_0237 img_0240img_0242 img_0244 img_0251 img_0252 img_0255 img_0257img_0258 img_0260 img_0261 img_0267 img_0270 img_0274 img_0285 img_0293 img_0304 img_0306 img_0313 img_0319 img_0320 img_0328 img_0334 img_0340 img_0341 img_0350 img_0359 img_0374 img_0388 img_0395 img_0402 img_0414 img_0446

The Officer Team says “Thank you” for making this event possible!


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3 Responses to Munich Toastmasters @ Königsplatz – Impressions

  1. Ujjaval Modi says:

    It was indeed an amazing meeting.
    Very well Organized!
    Perfect Weather!
    Smiling faces!
    Inspiring and informative table Topics!
    Toastmasters – full of energy and enthusiasm!
    Madam Photographer – you captured some of the best memories, Thank you 🙂
    I look forward to meeting you all again 🙂
    Best Regards,