Vice President Education

Name: Andrew Whitmore

Vice President Education: I schedule members’ speeches and projects and serve as a resource for questions about education awards, speech contests, and the mentor program (the last topic together with the VP Membership).

  • Set club meeting agendas and assign meeting roles, Manage club schedule and plan meetings
  • Manage member progress in Pathways and act as the primary Base Camp Manager
  • Encourage member engagement in the Pathways learning experience
  • Plan speech contests

Joined Toastmasters in:  January 2022

Reason for joining Toastmasters: To learn how to deliver my messages and to inspire others

Profession: Information Security Consultant

Hobbies: Cooking, Trailrunning, Cryptography, Travelling

Nationality: British/USA

Languages: English, German, Basic Chinese

Lived in: USA, Germany, Taiwan

What you should know about me: Trying the find the special moments in the rather ordinary.

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