Where and when do meetings take place?

Munich Toastmasters normally meet every 1st Wednesday and every 3rd working Tuesday of the month at 19:15. The meetings generally last until 21:15.

The meeting on the 1st Wednesday of the month is an on-site meeting, which will take place at the EineWeltHaus (Schwanthalerstraße 80, 80336 Munich). The meeting on the 3rd Tuesday is an online-meeting, which is accessible via ZOOM.

See the Upcoming Meetings page.

How do I attend a Munich Toastmasters meeting as a guest?

Munich Toastmasters is open to anyone who wants to join. No guest registrations are necessary prior to a meeting and guests may attend as many times as they wish. Non-club members may also participate in the Table Topics section of the meeting, but require membership to deliver prepared speeches or assume any additional club roles.

Please do not forget to bring a pen to give the speakers your personal feedback on our feedback forms.

What does a Munich Toastmasters meeting look like?

Munich Toastmasters meetings consist of a combination of impromptu speeches, prepared speeches, and evaluations.

Impromptu speeches: These speeches fall under the Table Topics section of the evening. A Table Topics Master prepares questions on a chosen topic and invites guests or members to deliver a two-minute speech on the posed question. This helps participants improve their impromptu speaking skills and develop their improvisation and critical thinking skills.

Prepared speeches: This part of the evening consists of speeches prepared by club members on an individually selected topic. Prepared speeches follow the Toastmasters Pathways designed to strengthen a speaker’s communication and leadership skills. This section allows members to practice and improve on individual public speaking skills.

Evaluations: Subjective evaluations are delivered for prepared speeches. Each speaker is assigned an evaluator, who provides feedback on the speaker’s delivery of his or her prepared speech. This enables members to develop their speaking and leadership skills, as well as to gain in-depth feedback from club members.

How do I become a Munich Toastmasters Club Member?

To become a Munich Toastmasters club member, simply come to our next meeting and ask one of our Club Officers to help you register. Alternatively, you can also download and complete a Membership Application and GDPR Form online and bring it to the next meeting.

See the Become a Member page.

How much does Munich Toastmasters club membership cost?

Upon joining Munich Toastmasters, you will be charged a new member fee of € 50.00. This covers administrative costs as well as the educational materials you will receive.

Dues are paid every half-year. There is no “automatic” renewal. At the moment, members dues for our club are €75.00 semiannually.

How is my club membership data being used?

For more information concerning how your personal data is retained and used by Munich Toastmasters upon club membership registration, please see our Data Protection guidelines.

Can I get mentorship as a club member?

Munich Toastmasters provides members with the opportunity to both receive mentorship and become a mentor for other club members. Mentorship opportunities allow members to improve both their public speaking and leadership skills. Should you be interested in finding a mentor or providing mentorship, please contact one of our Club Officers.

Who do I contact for more information?

If you have any questions the regarding our club, membership, registration, or anything else, please feel free to contact one of our Club Officers or membership.munichtm@gmx.de.

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